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Programme Management

9 months



In early 2019 7-Eleven began promoting their bakery goods nationally. They identified that over 150 sites across Victoria within their existing store network would require works in order to meet the Class 2 food hygiene standards. SwitchCo Projects were engaged to scope and plan the execution of the Class 2 facility upgrade for all the required sites across Victoria. SwitchCo Projects’ extensive experience in managing national programme rollouts proved useful for this project and gave them good foresight to efficiently stage the works. On each site, the works involved one or more elements which included the installation of new sinks, cleaner’s trough, cabinetry, soap and paper dispensers, and repairing tiling, piping, and benchtops.


One of the key challenges for the project as identified in the planning phase was sorting through the stores to identify all the materials required before the commencement of works. It was essential that SwitchCo Projects’ communication with the contractor and the individual site managers was clear and concise to ensure that works could operate smoothly whilst stores were still operating.


In consultation with the principal contractor, the sites were divided according to works identified and categorised into scoped types. This helped to streamline planning and procurement, which ensured that project variations were kept within budget and works were completed within the allocated deadline. Overall the programme was delivered quickly, smoothly, and efficiently to the satisfaction of all involved.

Key Partners: 

  • Arden Building Maintenance

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