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Fuel System Design & Dangerous Goods Consultant

12 months

Key Partners: 

  • 7-Eleven

  • Lovegrove

  • Proven Project Management



With 7-Eleven’s continued growth in Western Australia, Lovegrove was in engaged build the underground petroleum storage system (UPSS) for a new to industry site in Joondalup. SwitchCo Projects were engaged by Lovegrove to design and documents the UPSS system for this site. One of the key challenges of this project was designing a system that suited predetermined traffic path whilst ensuring the system was still compliant and safe for all users. The final part of our engagement was the successful delivery of a Dangerous Goods licence for this site, concluding our involvement.


SwitchCo Projects we again engaged by Lovegrove to design and document a fuel system for a new to industry site located in Greenfields, WA. This site was the first stage of a multistage commercial development which created challenges locating the equipment on the site, ensuring future traffic movements would not be impact or be impacted from fuel dispensing activities. As a result, we worked closely with both the Civil and Hydraulic consultant to assist in the drainage design of this site to make sure all fuel activities are captured and drained according to Australian standards. Our engage concluded with the successful delivery of the Dangerous Goods licence.


As part of the redevelopment of the sales yards at Midland in WA, SwitchCo Projects we engaged by Proven PM to provide the fuel system design for a 7-Eleven service station. This design provided a few challenges for the team, as we had to redesign the traffic movements of the fuel delivery tankers to increase safety without impacting the development application approval. These changes impacted the preliminary drainage design, requiring it to be redesigned in consultation with the hydraulic and civil consultants. The successful delivery of the Dangerous Goods licence completed our involvement with this project.

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