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Programme Management

7 months



Based on SwitchCo Projects successful rollout of the 7-Eleven PRP 2018 program, SwitchCo Projects commenced the 2019 PRP program. The aim of this program was to provide customers with increased fuel product type availability. The scope for this programme included site inspections, overseeing the procurement of fuel and forecourt drainage systems, and managing multiple contractors over the 31 sites across NSW, VIC and QLD. 


Two major challenges experienced during this program were, completing  the programme of works  before EOFY and ensuring work did not impede sales be more than 50%. With 7 months to complete 31 sites across these states, SwitchCo Projects drew upon its extensive retail fuel experience which saw 14 sites completed within 2 months whilst maintaining site operations, ensuring disruptions were kept to a minimum for both customers and operations alike.


The result of FY19 Pump Replacement Program saw a major increase in fuel diversity on all sites and met required compliance standards set by state governments. Products such as Diesel tripled in volume and is now available on all dispensers across the 31 sites. Our pre-planning and management during construction helped to close out this program in a timely manner and deliver the outcome the client required.

Key Partners: 

  • Enviro 3

  • Gilbarco

  • Prompt Petroleum

  • PSA

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