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Client-Side Project Manager

12 months



With two new wind farms for BayWa ready for construction in Victoria, SwitchCo Projects were tasked with the role of Project Managers and Project Administration to assist our client with the control and oversite of their two main contractors (Vestas for Wind Turbine supplier and installer, and Consolidated Power Projects for the Balance of Plant (BOP) works).  Part of our duties were working with all parties on status reporting; progress claim verification; HSSE check-point auditing; and engineering sign-off with our partner engineers.


Moving onto a new project that is already well underway always presents a challenge, however it is one that SwitchCo Projects have become accustomed to and we were quickly up to speed. This project threw up some natural challenges to overcome, such as native vegetation that needed to be preserved, overland water ways through the site impacting construction, and rock that required explosives to remove. In addition, there was a requirement to revise the planning for a switching station relocation, a gas line intersecting without the proposed power lines, and crane mobilisation issues related to the local road networks and the local vegetation on site. We were also required to maintain better than average data filing, with a requirement for an immaculate data room throughout the life of the project. Combining these natural and project specific challenges, SwitchCo Projects were kept on their toes throughout. 


Utilising our skills as project managers and design managers, we brought clarity and organisation to the documentation using our on-line collaborative systems to ensure a complete handover to the Client and their investors. Each farm now generates 7.2MW of clean energy – enough to power 9,000 households in total.

Key Partners: 

Consolidated Power Projects;


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