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12 months



In 2019 as BP began planning the launch of their new loyalty programme, SwitchCo Projects were engaged to scope and plan the execution of the signage replacement programme for BP’s national network of 1,000 sites. SwitchCo Projects’ experience in managing national rollout programmes proved useful for this project as we were also engaged to manage the execution of the programme that required multiple phases of concealment, replacement and subsequent revealing of BP’s loyalty programme. On each site, the works involved replacement of pylon sign panels, replacement of decals and installation of new advertising equipment such as garden banners. 


One of the key challenges for the project as identified in the planning phase was timing and volume of sites. Our Client had strict contractual requirements that required all existing signage to be removed by a certain date, this meant that 900 sites required  to be attended to within a 3 month period. This posed a challenge on SwitchCo Projects to maintain communication flow and sign off on the works completed at each site.


In consultation with the Principal Contractor, the works were divided according to states and teams which allowed communication flow to be streamlined. The meticulous planning of site routes in the early phases of the programme, combined with having an experienced signage Contractor on the job resulted in a smooth and efficient execution of the programme. Project variations were kept to the minimum. The Client was able to meet their contractual deadlines, launch the new loyalty programme on time, as well as being within budget. 

Key Partners: 

  • WSP Services

  • Albert Smith Group

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