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Client-Side Project Management

12 months



CFA’s Fiskville Training Campus was closed in 2015, following extensive investigation into the environmental impacts of PFAS as a result of fire fighting foam use. Environmental rehabilitation works began in 2018 with the demolition of the training area, followed by civil earthworks, water treatment, waste removal and construction of an in-situ soil management area starting in 2019. SwitchCo Projects were appointed as CFA’s Programme Manager for the Fiskville site, joining the project team in September 2019. Our role includes the contract administration of CFA appointed contractors and consultants, issue resolution, project reporting, budget management and problem-solving.


Delivering one of Australia’s largest PFAS rehabilitation projects, across over 150 hectares, without a regulatory framework has required engagement with EPA for regulatory approval. SwitchCo’s primary objective as Programme Manager is to ensure that all project parties are completing their roles in a timely manner, whilst facilitating the resolution of any issues impacting progress on site.


SwitchCo have become a trusted partner for CFA, providing timely information and recommendations to allow CFA to make informed decisions in a complex work environment, involving multiple project parties. Our input facilitates the effective progression of works on site, ensuring the overall program remains on track.

Key Partners: 

  • Country Fire Authority (CFA)

  • Ventia


  • Senversa

  • Coffey

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