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Client-Side Project Management

12 months



CFA’s Victorian Emergency Management Training Centres are undergoing significant civil works upgrades, water storage tank construction and water treatment plant construction. These works are required to ensure that all water use and movement on site is managed to prevent further environmental impacts on site, or the migration of impacts offsite. This is driven by the historic use of firefighting foam containing PFAS and the residual impacts that remain. SwitchCo were appointed as CFA’s Programme Manager for this Programme in early 2020, shortly before the commencement of the civil works contractor starting on site. Our role includes the oversight of internal CFA Project Management resources, contract administration of CFA appointed contractors and consultants, issue resolution, project reporting and budget management.


Management of this programme of works at five sites across Victoria, with multiple contractors delivering separate yet intertwined packages of work, has been a great challenge. Thorough design coordination before works begin on site, along with robust decision making during construction, has allowed the program of works to continue in a timely manner while minimising impact to the contractors following.


With the civil works component of this programme of work well underway, SwitchCo have worked closely with CFA to ensure that works are being completed to the satisfaction of all parties. SwitchCo have the needs of the CFA Training department, as well as needs of the environmental objectives of the works front of mind at all times.

Key Partners: 

  • Country Fire Authority (CFA)

  • Cardno TGM

  • Joss

  • Veolia

  • Senversa

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