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Design Management

Bringing together consultants, knowledge, and expertise to successfully deliver the design of your project

At SwitchCo, we recognise that the management and coordination of the design of major multi-disciplinary projects presents a number of significant challenges. Projects today are more complex, technical, and clients have higher demands, tighter budgets and shorter timeframes. Decisions need to be made proactively, therefore effective Design Management is about bringing together a team of people through a means of an integrated design process to achieve these common goals.

Our strength lies in our people. SwitchCo multi-disciplinary team has a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise supported by effective processes and technology. Our teams range of technical qualifications, include:

  • Project management

  • Architecture

  • Engineering

  • Construction Management


We believe in our ability to provide a tailored service and find innovative solutions for clients to help achieve their vision. We take a hands-on approach to managing your projects, our Design Managers will work closely with your team and consultants, to work towards creating the right result for your project. Our services include:

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Documentation Control

  • Management of Change

  • RFI Management

  • Variation Management


SwitchCo also look beyond a project’s core aims and we draw on our team’s wider knowledge to add value in different ways. Depending on the project there might be opportunities to set more ambitious targets or improve processes, communication, and costs as well as the overall experience of the project. We take time to consider the possibilities, adding value but never bureaucracy or costs.

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