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Facilities Management

Our extensive design, project managing, and construction experience provides us with the technical expertise to support you and the management of your facility

SwitchCo Facilities recognise that effective facility management is about the coordination of various internal and external stakeholders, bringing them together through an integrated process to achieve common goals.

We recognise that the management & coordination asset maintenance varies from industry to industry and client to client. Our process begins with discussing your requirements and understanding exactly what is important to you before we begin. SwitchCo Facilities background in project management, coupled together with our wide range of experience across a range of industries:

  • Infrastructure

  • Energy

  • Maritime

  • Retail

  • Dangerous Goods


Allows us to find more effective ways to deliver facility management for you by assigning the right mix of resources to provide you with the highest quality of service.

SwitchCo Facilities embrace technology and bespoke solutions for our clients, we strive to be on the forefront of innovation and technology to provide better services to our customers. Our ability to integrate solutions provides our clients with real time information about their project or assets to allow them to make informed and strategic decisions, minimising disruption to our clients and their customers.

We go everywhere. SwitchCo Facilities has delivered projects in every state and territory in Australia.  While our office-based team strategically navigate the entire portfolio of works, assessing priorities and resources, our field team are regularly attending sites, demonstrating that distance is no problem with our systems and services.  A list of services or roles we provide to our clients includes:

  • Health, Safety & Environment audits

  • Scheduled Maintenance

  • Reactive Maintenance

  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Site and Asset Audits

We take pride in being a solution-driven organisation, therefore, through a systematic approach to all aspects of facility management, SwitchCo Facilities will ensure your facility is operating smarter, safer, and more efficient in all facets and functions.

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