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Fuel System Design

Compliance, Confidence, and Constructability

SwitchCo Projects are accredited Dangerous Goods Consultants with the Australian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants.


At SwitchCo Projects, we are confident that you won’t find a better fuel system designer in Australia than us. With an eye on safety and compliance as well as cost effective design, you can be confident that our design will effective, will be compliant, and will be designed for the best value construction possible.

SwitchCo Projects helps our clients to navigate the specialist processes and regulatory processes associated with achieving their goal of opening a well designed and built service station. SwitchCo can carry out the design of a fuel system with the assurance that the project will be designed to last. If needed or requested, SwitchCo can also carry out risk assessments and hazard analysis of the client’s site to give them the transparency they need.

​We have extensive experience in diesel, motor spirit, and LPG on sites ranging from small metro sites to large truck sites. Likewise, we also have experience with LNG for current and developing refuelling infrastructure, as well as contacts in Hydrogen refuelling for the future of service station design.


We have designed many service stations to multiple design standards and have in fact created fuel system design standards for some businesses.  Some of the design standards that we have designed to are as follows:

  • VIVA

  • BP

  • 7-Eleven

  • Coles Properties (Coles Express)

  • Puma

  • United


SwitchCo Projects do not just stop at the design of the fuel system though. We can provide conceptual designs of service stations, DA documentation and submissions, as well as the design coordination role of all other services if the client is seeking a full-service model. And if the client just wants Fuel System design, SwitchCo will offer advice on coordinating with other design consultancies as part of the service. SwitchCo knows what works and what doesn’t, what is good practice and what is not, and will provide advice on what is “best for project” at all times.

SwitchCo Projects provide:

  • Service station concept layout design;

  • Service station town planning documentation;

  • Fuel system storage design;

  • Site audits and milestone inspections during installations;

  • Project Management (for new sites, tank replacements, and general site upgrades);

  • Programme management for multi-site upgrades including tank replacements, pump replacements, general underground petroleum systems;

  • Permit to Work services;

  • Auditing for AS1940, AS/NZS1596 and CP4 compliance;

  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis documentation; and

  • Dangerous goods warehousing & general facilities

  • Motor Spirit & Diesel systems

  • Aviation Facilities

  • LPG Installations

  • Dilapidation Surveys


And if it is Project Management of your Dangerous Goods project you need, we can provide this service too

  •  For Dangerous Goods Project Management, click here.

Have a fuel system design project you'd like to discuss?

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