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Resourceful and committed project managers driving your big projects to quick completion

Our team of specialist staff bring practical expertise and experience to every project we undertake. Our experience allows us to understand first-hand that a successful infrastructure project requires identification of the challenges involved, as well as the outcomes required by our clients.

Whether your project is . . .

  • Marine Berthing Upgrades

  • Shipping Terminal Upgrades

  • Civil Works

  • Land Remediation

  • Electrical Asset Upgrades

We can take your project from just an idea right through to operation, as good processes and intelligence can be applied to any project. We have delivered projects in every state and territory and coupled with our embrace of technology, we can tailor our services to suit the specific requirements of your project. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from end-to-end delivery, including:

  • Health, Safety & Environment Oversight

  • Project Governance

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Budget Management

  • Variation Management

  • Procurement

  • Design Management

  • Management of Change

  • RFI Management

The most important role for us on these projects though is drive. Our core strength is ensuring that the project is always moving forwards despite the obstacles. Large projects can suffer from stagnation and poor project governance, which is why we always make this front of mind. We like to be able to report to the client on progress and ensure the client can make informed decisions along the way without getting lost in the weeds.

Safety, compliance, and comfort are always key challenges with infrastructure projects, SwitchCo Projects will ensure that these concerns are addressed at all times by analysing what works and what doesn’t, what is good practice and what is not, and will provide advice on what is “best for project” at all times.

Toll Shipping
Webb Dock

Wharf Upgrade

Toll Shipping

Wharf Upgrade

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