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Client-Side Project Manager

2 years



SwitchCo has been engaged as Superintendent/Project Managers of the 12 MW Hudson Creek Power Station by BE Power Services Co Pty Ltd. This project is located in Darwin,
Northern Territory, approximately 10KM Southeast of Darwin Airport. As Superintendents/Project Managers for this project our role included management of the D&C Contractor, design review & technical support, document control, and site supervision. Our role also extended to support with grid connection process, compliance and Reliability Run testing
until operational readiness of the project. 


The Project commenced at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia. With border closures and travel restrictions, it was almost impossible for anyone outside of
the Northern Territory to travel freely to the site. As SwitchCo, the Client, and the D&C Contractor are all based outside of the NT, this presented numerous challenges that had to
be worked through as a team. SwitchCo used its range of skills and resources to remotely manage the project, stakeholder engagement, meetings and document control system and ensured the highest level of safety and quality was adhered to at all times. Furthermore, SwitchCo employed a site representative to oversee the construction of the Power Station and work collaboratively with the contractors on site to ensure the works were being
conducted safely and to a high level of quality 


The Project was constructed successfully. Currently, the grid connection Hold point compliance testing is about to commence. Switch Co’s extensive knowledge, skills and
experience in project management was applied and this ensured the project challenges could be overcome.

Key Partners: 

  • Energy Power Systems Pty Ltd (D&C Contractor)

  • Basso HCPS Co Pty Ltd

  • BE Power Services

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