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SwitchCo proud to work with world-leading renewable energy project

Client-Side Project Manager

Announced in December 2020


SwitchCo is the client-side project manager representing Andrew Doman, the strategic lead, owner and investor for the Yadlamalka Energy Vanadium Flow Battery (VFB) Storage and Solar Farm project in South Australia.


Admittedly a mouthful, essentially this project is a first-of-its-kind renewable energy project. It combines a grid-connected VFB storage system with solar PV (photovoltaic technology) with the aim of demonstrating the technical and commercial viability of VFB for providing energy, storage and grid-supporting services.

The Yadlamalka Energy project has significant implications for South Australia’s energy challenges. That state has experienced multiple blackouts and energy supply disruptions. The project works to address this problem by providing reliable storage and energy services to the region, while simultaneously reducing the state’s reliance on fossil fuel-based energy sources (helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions).

When complete, we will help meet South Australia’s 100% by 2030 renewable energy target and the 2050 net zero emissions target.  

Why VFB over Lithium-Ion battery systems?

There are a few key advantages of VFBs over Lithium-Ion batteries. See our handy comparison chart below for a quick view.

Vanadium Lithium table.png

Key Partners: 

Yadlamalka Energy

Invinity Energy Systems

Habitat Energy


Yadlamalka solar renewable energy project v2.png

SwitchCo is proud to be involved in the Yadlamalka Energy project. By actively participating in the commercialisation of innovative energy technologies like VFBs, we’re helping to contribute to Australia’s transition to a sustainable future.


To find out more about this or other renewable energy projects, or to discuss your project management needs, please contact us on

Data sourced from Distributed Pumped Storage – Vanadium Redox Flow Machines Market White Paper 2019

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