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Project Management with Dangerous Goods 

With experience combined with expertise, SwitchCo Projects is a market leader in this field

SwitchCo Projects are accredited Dangerous Goods Consultants with the Australian Institute of Dangerous Goods Consultants.

SwitchCo can help out from any point on a project’s life cycle. Whether you’ve got…

  • A greenfield or a brownfield and you want to build a new site,

  • An existing site that needs a knockdown and re-build and perhaps a full tank replacement,

  • A site or number of sites that need pump and line replacements,

  • A number of sites that need a full re-brand which will require works within the hazardous zone, or

  • A network of sites that require audits and compliance reporting,

…SwitchCo Projects have got you covered in this field. 

SwitchCo Projects Provide:

  • Service station concept layout design;

  • Service station town planning documentation;

  • Fuel system storage design;

  • Site audits and milestone inspections during installations;

  • Project management (for new sites, tank replacements, and general site upgrades etc);

  • Programme management for multi-site upgrades including tank replacements, pump replacements, general underground petroleum systems;

  • Permit to Work services;

  • Auditing for AS1940, AS/NZS1596 and CP4 compliance;

  • Risk Assessment and Hazard Analysis documentation; and

  • Dangerous goods warehousing & general facilities

    • Motor Spirit & Diesel systems​

    • Aviation Facilities

    • LPG Installations

    • Dilapidation Surveys

SwitchCo will partner with you to assess what challenges your project faces and what you are trying to achieve for an outcome, and then provide you a service to take care of it from start to finish. We like to ensure you can make informed decisions along the way without having to get lost in the weeds on a daily basis. Our goal always is to make sure that your project is completed successfully.


Safety, compliance, and comfort are always a client’s concerns when dealing with Dangerous Goods. SwitchCo will ensure that these concerns are addressed at all times.


And please remember, SwitchCo Projects do Fuel System Design too:

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