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Client-Side Project Manager

2 years


SwitchCo Projects were entrusted with delivering a significant forecourt rebrand programme for the national Puma network. Looking to breath new life into a tired network, this was an exciting opportunity requiring careful planning to ensure an appropriate level of investment for the size and throughput of each site whilst ensuring consistency of the Puma brand. The SwitchCo team provided design, procurement, tender and client supervision for all stages of the work, transforming sites into punchy, bright and modern service stations - all while meeting the important contractual deadlines of the Client.

SwitchCo managed to keep the sites open, operational and safe throughout the works, including working in conjunction with a pump replacement programme happening at the same time. This was a national programme, rebranding 150 sites across Australia.

Key Partners: 

Puma Energy

Bentleigh Sign Group

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